'A great champion' - relive Edwards' UFC win over Usman (2024)

Gary Rose and Bobbie Jackson

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  1. Post update

    It was billed as the biggest British MMA fight in history and it did not disappoint as Leon Edwards retained his welterweight title in front of his home fans.

    We're wrapping things up here for the night but you can read Paul Battison's report from the O2 here.


  2. 'Edwards' performance off the charts'

    Leon Edwards beats Kamaru Usman by decision

    UFC heavyweight Tom Aspinall on BT Sport: "Absolutely tremendous performance. You have to remember the level of opponent he was facing.

    "Some of the stuff he did tonight was off the charts."

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    Belal Muhammad: "Lol they’re trying so hard to give Colby the coward the shot."

    Alex Behunin: "Honestly I’d rather see Edwards vs. Masvidal (for the revenge aspect) than Edwards vs. Covington or Edwards vs. Muhammad But I’m down for whatever."

  4. 'I didn't see anything special'

    Leon Edwards beats Kamaru Usman by decision

    Former interim welterweight champion Colby Covington on BT Sport: "I didn't see anything special.He doesn't look hungry any more. He looks like he's a champion and has cashed out.

    "I'm the people's champion and he needs to come see me now.

    "I didn't think Kamaru won. He had a lot of leg kicks and a couple of elbows. I'd have to look at the strike count. It was a close and competitive fight. It was a coin toss.

    "You could tell Leon has worked on defending takedowns but he hasn't fought anyone like me who can mix it up and is a southpaw.

    "I'm going to do the job on American soil. Let's get it on in July on International fight week.We need to put it on that week it makes sense.

    "I'm ready for this moment and I'm ready to take his shine.There was only one real main event in the building tonight and that was me.

    "I love fighting southpaws. I've never lost to one. I match up really well to them. I can beat him everywhere, in striking and jiu-jitsu.

    "This summer you're going to see Colby 2.0."

  5. Rocky's reign continues

    Coral Barry

    BBC Sport combat sports editor at UFC 286

    A really close encounter. Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman fought brilliantly, but almost cancelled each other out at times.

    It went back and forth. Edwards had his moments and was looking for that head kick moment again, while Usman reminded everyone how much of a force he is.

    What a moment for Edwards. Another seminal moment for British MMA. Rocky remains the UFC champion and has the likes of Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal in his sights. Both are huge fights.

    Edwards showed moments of inexperience in this fight, notably the fouls, but he found a way to win.

    The reign of Rocky continues.

    'A great champion' - relive Edwards' UFC win over Usman (1)

    Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty Images

  6. 'You've got a great champion'

    Leon Edwards beats Kamaru Usman by decision

    Kamaru Usman on BT Sport: "I think I did enough to win the fight but I knew it was close.

    "He had a great gameplan. I always said from the start we'd meet again and I'm not done. We will see each other again.

    "I always gave him props for what he's accomplished. He's a brother like myself and great respect. London you've got yourself a great champion.

    On when he wants to get back in the octagon: "Not too long. I'll get back with my coaches. I'm one of those guys, I can't sit for too long.

    "I'll spend some time with my daughter. You guys get to watch us but you don't know what we have to scarifice to be here. We put it on the lines every time."

  7. 'I might take a trip to Miami'

    Leon Edwards beats Kamaru Usman by decision

    Miami welcomes the UFC to its city on 8 April and there is welterweight fight between Jorge Masvidal and Gilbert Burns.

    It could decide Leon Edwards' next challenger.

    UFC welterweight champion Edwards on BT Sport: "He didn't get any takedowns I was landing cleaner shots. I took out his legs.

    "Thanks to Kamaru for being a great competitior.

    "I couldn't get the kick around his head. He had the perfect defence. I was trying to set it up with kicks to the body and legs.

    "I know it was a close fight so I knew I had to land the cleaner shots. He didn't land many clean on me. He just had lots of pressure.

    "Listen to the crowd!

    "That man [Colby Covington] has sat out for two years. I might take a little trip to Miami and see what's going on there."

  8. BreakingLeon Edwards wins!

    Leon Edwards retains his welterweight world title!

    Incredible noise around the O2 Arena as Edwards is given the decision.

    It was close but Edwards landed the cleaner shots. What a fight!

    'A great champion' - relive Edwards' UFC win over Usman (2)

    Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty Images

  9. Post update

    How crucial could that point deduction prove to be?

  10. Round Five

    Leon Edwards v Kamaru Usman 3

    All over!

    Usman finishes with a flurry but Edwards landed the cleaner shots in that round.

    Edwards believes he's done enough to keep his belt as he puts his hand in the air.

    Let's see what the scores say.

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    Belal Muhammad: "His wrestling seems off he’s not committing."

    Jalin Turner: "Let’s see who wants it more."

  12. Round Five

    Leon Edwards v Kamaru Usman 3

    Into the final two minutes and Usman attempts the takedown but Edwards defends it well again.

    He manages to get him down with another attempt but again Edwards breaks free and the crowd roars.

    'A great champion' - relive Edwards' UFC win over Usman (3)

    ReutersCopyright: Reuters

  13. Round Five

    Leon Edwards v Kamaru Usman 3

    Usman manages to partially block a head kick. Tiredness is starting to show in both fighters but some big hits are still getting through as Edwards lands an uppercut before Usman responds with a shot to the body.

  14. Round Five

    Leon Edwards v Kamaru Usman 3

    Three fights and it all comes down to this - the final round of the trilogy.

    A big roar from the fans as we get going again.

  15. 'Kamaru expending more energy'

    Leon Edwards v Kamaru Usman 3

    'A great champion' - relive Edwards' UFC win over Usman (4)

    Michael Bisping

    Former UFC middleweight champion on BT Sport

    Kamaru is expending more energy trying to secure takedowns than Leon is in successfully defending them.

  16. Round Four

    Leon Edwards v Kamaru Usman 3

    Usman glances a shot off Edwards chin in the final few seconds. Another tight round as we go into the fifth and final round.

  17. Post update

    Coral Barry

    BBC Sport combat sports editor at UFC 286

    Fabian Edwards now out of his seat at cageside. He is one animated sibling, but he barely reacts when Leon jumped on a grounded Kamaru Usman.

    Crowd noise is deafening. Every Edwards' success is roared on.

  18. Round Four

    Leon Edwards v Kamaru Usman 3

    Usman's thigh is taking some damage with Edwards landing 40 leg kicks so far in this feet.

    Usman keeps trying to get in close, takes a jab to the face as he does so but then does manage to get a takedown only for Edwards to defend superbly and swiftly get back on his feet.

    'A great champion' - relive Edwards' UFC win over Usman (5)

    ReutersCopyright: Reuters

  19. Round Four

    Leon Edwards v Kamaru Usman 3

    Usman slips and is down, Edwards tries to take full advantage but Usman does really well to wriggle out of danger and get back on his feet.

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'A great champion' - relive Edwards' UFC win over Usman (2024)


How did Leon Edwards win against Usman? ›

Edwards' iconic head kick of Usman is well-documented, but it's hard to reach hyperbole about the moment. In the building, there was a sense of inevitability as the clock ticked toward a record-tying win for Usman until Edwards fired his left leg to Usman's temple and changed the landscape of the MMA world.

How much did Edwards win against Usman? ›

As per the report, Edwards' guaranteed payout for the trilogy win against Usman was $542,000 with a projected figure that could reach $1 million after adding incentives.

What happened to Leon Edwards' dad? ›

Leon's dad was shot and killed when Leon was just 13 years old at a nightclub over a dispute about money. Leon knew his father was involved in crime, and credits his mother with keeping him from going down the same road.

How did Usman win the title? ›

Usman rematched Colby Covington for the UFC Welterweight Championship on November 6, 2021 at UFC 268. Usman retained his championship, being declared the winner via unanimous decision.

What was the decision on the Leon vs Usman 3 fight? ›

Kamaru Usman (20-3, 15-2 UFC) by majority decision. Leon Edwards defeated Kamaru Usman via majority decision (48-46, 48-46, 47-47). Edwards retains the title.

How long has Leon Edwards been undefeated? ›

Edwards has 16 UFC fights, and he's on a 12-fight unbeaten streak. He's 11-0 with one no contest in that stretch. That no contest came after an accidental eye poke in his bout with Belal Muhammad in 2021.

What did Colby say to Leon? ›

“I'm bringing you to the seventh layer of hell," warned Covington to Edwards, adding, "We'll say 'what's up' to your dad while we're there.”

When did Khabib retire? ›

How many times have Usman and Edward fought? ›

A third fight between Edwards and Usman took place on 18 March 2023, at UFC 286. With a point deduction in the third round due to grabbing the fence to prevent a takedown, he won the bout via majority decision.

Where was Leon Edwards vs Usman 3? ›

Usman, himself considered among the all-time welterweight elite, handed Edwards his most recent defeat in Orlando, Florida in 2015; a fight in which he employed his wrestling to neutralise the then heavily striking-dependent Edwards.

Who took Usman's belt? ›

Edwards came into the fight as the rare underdog champion because of the nature of their second fight. The champ was losing to Usman going into the fifth and final round before Edwards uncorked a picture-perfect head kick that ended Usman's title reign.

Is Leon Edwards a black belt? ›

He is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu which reflects his supremacy over submissions and grappling. He has won thrice by submission during his MMA career, having scored a rear-naked choke win against Gunnar Nelson, as well as a guillotine choke defeat of Albert Tumenov.

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