FAU Germany Scholarship (2024)

FAU supports its top students as part of the Germany Scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium) programme. Each semester, scholarships of 3,600 euros for one year are awarded to the most gifted students. The unique feature of this scholarship is that half of the money comes from companies, donors, friends of the university and alumni, while the other half is provided by the German Federal State.

Students at FAU can apply for a Germany Scholarship once a year. Funding amounts to 300 euros per month and is initially granted for two semesters (the winter semester and the subsequent summer semester) which can be extended annually (from the next winter semester) until the end of the standard duration of the degree programme. Students must apply again to receive an extension.

The application period for the winter semester 2024/25 is from 15 June 2024 to 15 July 2024.

Who receives the scholarship?

Students who are already receiving a performance-based scholarship equivalent to over 30 euros per month are unfortunately not eligible for a Germany Scholarship.

More information is available on the Deutschlandstipendium website.

The most important condition for receiving an FAU Germany Scholarship are the results achieved so far during your studies.

This means that students about to start an undergraduate degree programme who are applying for a Germany Scholarship for the first time must have a good result in their school leaving exams (2.0 or better).

For students applying for a scholarship in the first semester of a postgraduate degree, the grade achieved in the undergraduate degree or in a certain combination of qualifications required for the postgraduate degree programme is used to select recipients of the scholarship (2.0 or better).

Students in a later semester of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme who are applying for a Germany Scholarship at FAU for the first time must demonstrate that they have passed the number of credits required by the examination regulations for the semesters which have already been completed with an average grade of 2.0 or better (quantity and quality are used as the basis for selection).

In exceptional circ*mstances which cause a student to extend the duration of their degree programme, such as in the case of disability or pregnancy, if the student has care duties or a child, or studies abroad, the maximum length of the scholarship may be extended upon request.

Extension of the scholarship

Scholarship holders at FAU who would like to extend their scholarship after one year must demonstrate that they have passed the number of credits required by the examination regulations for all completed semesters with an average grade of 2.5 or better (quantity and quality are used as the basis for selection). In exceptional circ*mstances, a university lecturer may provide a statement confirming that the applicant is a top student or that they were unable to achieve grades which are a true reflection of their capabilities due to personal circ*mstances.

Apart from the academic achievements, specific personal circ*mstances can also be taken into account. These include, for instance, stays abroad relevant to your studies, voluntary work at the University (or in politics or society) as well as special individual circ*mstances.

Applying for the scholarship

An online application form for the FAU Germany Scholarship is made available online once per academic year at www.campus.fau.de/gstip

Background information

Background information

The Germany Scholarship was developed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to establish a new culture of scholarships in Germany. The legal basis for the programme is the Gesetz zur Schaffung eines nationalen Stipendienprogramms (act to establish a national scholarship programme). More information and details of the education policy goals are available on the Germany Scholarship website.

Other financial support

FAU has many well established scholarships and funding opportunities which it is able to give to its students thanks to generous foundations and donations. These include, for example, scholarships provided by Ilse und Dr. Alexander Mayer-Stiftung (Ilse and Dr. Alexander Mayer Foundation) or money for books donated by Oskar-Karl-Forster-Stiftung (Oskar Karl Forster Foundation). Over ten scholarships and funding opportunities are available to FAU students. More information is available on the foundations (German) page. There are also many forms of financial support available from outside the University, such as foundations and scholarships provided by religious organisations, political parties or Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German student scholarship foundation). An overview of the possibilities available can be found on the scholarships page.

FAU Germany Scholarship (2024)
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