Warframe: 11 Year Anniversary (2024)

The Beginning

Warframe enters early access on PC! During these very early days, Excalibur is the sole Warframe that players wield against a single enemy faction: the Grineer.


Warframe launches into open beta on March 25, 2013. New Warframes, Weapons, and enemy factions join the Origin System as its lore expands. The “Founders Program” is introduced, allowing players to directly support this new world, and the Community grows exponentially as Warframe continues to evolve.

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The ever-scrupulous ex-Corpus merchant Darvo makes his debut and becomes a reliable seller of “100% legit” items for the Tenno.


In pursuit of open, honest communication with players and to nurture Warframe’s burgeoning popularity on YouTube and Twitch, the Community and Development teams begin a regular series of Devstreams filmed directly in-studio, giving fans an intimate look at the development process behind-the-scenes.


The Warframe team takes its first big international trip to Gamescom 2013 to meet players in person and spread the word about Warframe. This will become the first of many trips around the world for Digital Extremes team members as Warframe’s Community continues to grow.

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Pink Shorts

What began as a joke eventually evolves into a tradition after Creative Director Steve Sinclair surprises fans for the first time with a bold (yet questionable) choice of wardrobe.

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Greedy Milk

During the Gradivus Dilemma, Grineer General Sargas Ruk vows to crush the “greedy milk” from the skulls of his Corpus adversaries. Naturally, the Warframe community conceptualizes “greedy milk” as a real-life dairy product, and a meme for the ages is born.

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Giving Back

Digital Extremes and the Warframe community begin what will become a hallmark of their ongoing relationship: giving back to the community by facilitating charitable donations while encouraging social awareness on a wide range of issues. The Community Team goes on to develop and support recurring campaigns such as TennoBaum, Movember, and the Quest to Conquer Cancer. At the time of this writing, the Warframe community and DE have contributed over $2,500,000 CAD to those in need.

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The TennoGen program is born, giving talented Tenno artists the opportunity to see their submissions implemented in Warframe for all to purchase, download, and enjoy.


Warframe’s first Cinematic Quest leaves a mark that the Community and Development teams will not soon forget. As The Second Dream solidifies the game’s narrative potential, the community’s response is not only enthusiastic, but also surprisingly emotional.

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Born from a wildly adorable series of webcomics by Community artist DataReaper, the Origin System’s most intrepid Grineer begins assisting Tenno on a new set of weekly Missions.


DE invites Tenno from around the world to join them in the company’s hometown of London, Ontario, Canada for the very first TennoCon live event. Over 1,100 members of the community answer the call and descend on London’s RBC Place for a full day of panels, activities, and tournaments. New Warframes, including Nekros Prime and the pixie-inspired, Titania are announced, but the highlight of the show is the surprise reveal of another Cinematic Quest: The War Within. The convention is a resounding success and TennoCon becomes a hotly-anticipated yearly event.

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The Man In The Wall

Appearing as a doppelganger of the Tenno, the Void-borne Man in the Wall makes his first appearance in The War Within as a surprising – and beguiling – new antagonist.

Plains of Eidolon

The second coming of TennoCon sees double the attendance over the previous year, with fans lined up around the block and eagerly awaiting a plethora of activities including workshops, meet-and-greets, and other novel attractions such as archery and escape rooms. But the highlight of the show is the live reveal of Warframe’s very first open world: the Plains of Eidolon.

We All Lift Together

DE reveals Warframe’s second open world hub – Fortuna – at TennoCon 2018 with an elaborate musical number that leaves players absolutely floored (and humming the catchy tune to themselves for years after the fact). The song’s lyrics emphasizing solidarity and togetherness gel nicely with the crowd of Tenno who have come together themselves to celebrate Warframe, and “We All Lift Together” becomes an unofficial slogan for the game’s wider community. The archived music video goes on to receive millions of views on YouTube.

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Early Lunch For Konzu

Clearing out Grineer from the Plains of Eidolon leaves the friendly Ostron patriarch with plenty of time to consume lunch at his leisure… Just don’t expect easy answers if you ask the community what that means, exactly.


Tenno take to the stars in their Railjacks and Archwings for intense ship-to-ship combat in a new game mode that complements Warframe's traditional ground-based running and gunning.

Warframe: 11 Year Anniversary (18)

Dog Days

When the heat of summer hits, there’s no better way for Warframes to cool down than by soaking each other with squirt guns at the beach. It might not be logical, but it’s undeniably refreshing!


Nora Night first activates her Nightwave pirate radio broadcast for defiant “Dreamers” throughout the Origin System. These daily and weekly challenges become a new pillar of Warframe activity.

At Home, Together

Like many during the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, DE is forced to begin working from home. While many worry this will negatively impact TennoCon 2020, the convention's temporary transformation into a fully-digital live event actually helps Tenno connect better than ever before. Tenno from across the world join together in-game to experience the reveal of Deimos and Warframe’s third open world, the Cambion Drift.


Originally crushed under the weight of the Jackal, an unfortunate robot servitor named Popcorn finds new life as Clem’s best friend thanks to the community and their noble #SavePopcorn hashtag.

The New War

DE releases Warframe’s biggest Cinematic Quest to date with The New War, bringing the story of the Origin System full circle when hostile Sentient forces make their long-awaited return. Tenno step into the shoes of new playable characters for the first time, including enemies-turned-allies from the Grineer and Corpus factions, as well as the enigmatic warrior Teshin. Crucially, players are introduced to the custom character known as the Drifter and their reality-bending connections to the Tenno, setting the stage for future updates to come…

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Kahl-175 cements his reputation as the Origin System’s newest savior when he abandons the Twin Queens in favor of his Grineer brothers and embarks on a series of daring adventures – empowered by his new best friend, a.k.a. “Blue Girl.”

Angels Of The Zariman ARG

An Alternate Reality Game introduces Tenno to some of the lost souls they come to meet aboard the fabled Zariman Ten Zero. Through a mix of daily puzzles and audio diaries, the community comes together via Discord to unlock the Zariman’s secrets in anticipation of the 2022 update: Angels of the Zariman.

Styanax Anime

The 50th Warframe makes his jaw-dropping debut via an anime short shown at TennoCon 2022 dubbed “Ascension Day.” Styanax is given away as a free login Reward during his release window to commemorate the occasion.

The Duviri Paradox

Tenno once again assume the role of the Drifter and guide them through a color-shifting unreality under the dominion of the villainous Dominus Thrax. This Duviri Paradox update introduces an entirely new kind of play space in Warframe, alongside fresh game modes, novel new systems, and the horse-like Kaithe mounts.

Warframe: 11 Year Anniversary (27)

Cross Platform Save

Digital Extremes realizes its years-long ambition to unite all Tenno within the Origin System, regardless of their preferred platform.

Warframe: 11 Year Anniversary (28)

The Future

The recent Whispers In The Walls update paves the way for a nostalgic foray into the past via the upcoming Warframe: 1999. Featuring new, returning, and revamped characters from the main Cinematic Quest, the future of Warframe is as alluring as it is inventive. The community eagerly awaits more details at TennoCon 2024!

Warframe: 11 Year Anniversary (2024)


What are the rewards for the 11th anniversary Warframe? ›

All Alert rewards in Warframe 11th Anniversary Event

This includes returning Dex weapons and accessories, as well as useful goodies like weapon slots. Moreover, each weekend during the event will apply Boosters globally for all players, alternating between Credit Boosters and Affinity Boosters each week.

How to redeem codes in Warframe? ›

Once in the Store scroll down the menu on the left hand side of the screen to the very bottom and select "Redeem Code" Enter the 12 digit code and confirm. Next time you boot up Warframe you'll be awarded the Platinum/Platinum Mods (depending on the pack)

How to get 10 year anniversary emblem Warframe? ›

Those who complete three full weeks of Alerts will receive a 10-Year Anniversary Emblem, while those who finish all five weeks will get the new Kyndryn Gunblade Skin for use on any Gunblade.

Can you still get Excalibur Dex skin? ›

The Excalibur Dex Skin was available for logging into WARFRAME from March 14, 2018 to March 28, 2018. Then, from March 27, 2019 to April 10, 2019 and March 13, 2020 to March 16, 2020, players were able to obtain this skin by completing anniversary alerts.

What is the 50th WARFRAME? ›

Styanax is the 50th unique Warframe to be released.

Is there a way to get platinum in Warframe for free? ›

Prime parts are by far the most consistent way to earn a stream of Platinum. Players don't even have to invest in anything when selling them, just cracking open some accumulated relics will do. Players also don't even need to aim for rare or expensive Prime parts though they can also sell those for higher prices.

Do Warframe codes expire? ›

Warframe redeem codes have expiration dates that are not officially disclosed. If you encounter issues during redemption, ensure the code is entered correctly. If issues persist, it likely means the code has expired.

Does Warframe have promo codes? ›

Promo Codes for WARFRAME can be entered in the in-game Market or via the official WARFRAME site (https://www.warframe.com/promocode).

What is ten zero Warframe? ›

The Zariman Ten Zero was an Orokin colony ship that disappeared into the Void when a Void-Jump Accident occurred. After the incident, its survivors received mysterious powers from the Void and later became the Tenno that control the Warframes and fight for the Origin System.

What year is Warframe set? ›

And then, after the Old War, the actual setting of Warframe is at lest another millenia forward further into the future. So you're probably talking 10,000 to 20,000 AD.

Do you get anything for completing steel path WARFRAME? ›

Steel Path Incursions are a familiar feature in the Origin System, with five Star Chart nodes being chosen each day that reward an additional 5 Steel Essence each on completion. With Dante Unbound, an additional sixth Incursion will make an appearance daily.

What is the highest discount in WARFRAME? ›

However, in-game market discounts are available of 25%, 50% and 75% are obtainable through login rewards. They are single time use, last 48 hours, and don't apply to bundles.

What is the color for the 11th anniversary? ›

11th Anniversary: Yellow or Turquoise

Entering a new decade of marriage together is no small feat! Yellow signifies the continued joy and optimism in your partnership for a happy future together, while turquoise represents the calming and balancing aspects of your love journey that complement the excitement.

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