Warframe: The Sentinel - 6/25/2024 (2024)

Jade Shadows has finally hit the Origin System and many of you have already seen the shocking moments revealed within. Something you might have missed during all the twists and turns of the story, however, is the plethora of quality of life changes added to Warframe in the same update!

You can pore over the full list of patch notes right here. That being said, for this week's Sentinel we wanted to provide a quick snapshot of some of the biggest changes that made it into the game last week! This is hardly the end, either. TennoCon 2024 is right around the corner on July 19-20 with even more massive changes to showcase. So stay tuned, Tenno!

This week’s topics:

  • Status and Damage Rework
  • Frost and Ember Adjustments
  • New Player Experience Improvements
  • Duviri Changes and Additions
  • Yareli Pandea
  • TennoGen Shadows
  • Chroma Prime and Zephyr Prime in Prime Resurgence
  • What to Play this Week: Play as the Stalker in Belly of the Beast
  • Community Spotlight

Calendar Callouts

  • June 27 (6 p.m. ET): Prime Time 399: The Last Stream Before TennoCon

Status and Damage Rework

Enjoy significant changes to the way you fight thanks to the new Enemy Resistances and Status Rework. Enemy health types and vulnerabilities have been simplified across factions while Blast, Magnetic, Cold, and Gas damage have all received major improvements to their Status Effects.

Cold can now freeze enemies entirely in their tracks, while Gas is more clearly visible with a greater visual impact on enemies. Blast, on the other hand, now actually blasts enemies with a powerful detonation effect. And last but not least, Magnetic now affects Overguard (like the kind found on those spicy Jade Light Eximus), deals increased damage to Nullifier Bubbles, and deals Electric Status damage whenever you pop a unit's Shields and/or Overguard.

Ember and Frost Adjustments

With all these Status Effect changes it only makes sense for some of the original elemental Warframes to get a tune up. Quality of life and balance improvements have come to the queen of fire, Ember, and king of ice, Frost.

You no longer have to charge up in order to access the full fury of Ember’s Fireball and there have been Energy Cost adjustments to Immolation and Fire Blast. Frost received more extensive changes to align with the reworked Cold Status Effect. His new passive ability, Fortifying Freeze, increases the duration of Cold Status Effects applied by Frost’s Abilities and gives him more Armor for every enemy inflicted with Cold Status Effect nearby.

These changes make these classic Warframes more powerful than ever! If you want to know more about these adjustments, the Jade Shadows Update Notes have further details.

New Player Experience and Quality of Life Improvements

  • Debt-Bond Farming Changes
  • Farming those Debt-Bonds? We have revamped Solaris United Bounty Drop Tables to increase the amount of Debt-Bonds earned across the board, which should speed up your farming progress.

  • Voidrig Acquisition Improvements
  • The road to unlocking your own Voidrig is a bit easier now, as we have reworked resource costs to require less investment in the Entrati Syndicate, and added Damaged Necramech components to Father’s wares.

  • Continuous Fire Toggle
  • Similar to our addition of Auto-Melee with Abyss of Dagath in 2023, Semi-Auto trigger weapons now can continuously fire on a single input. Venture to your Accessibility settings to turn this feature on via the “Fire Manual Trigger Weapons Continuously” toggle!

  • UI Quality of Life Changes
  • Speaking of preparing for encounters, we’ve also improved the Navigation Menu! You can now select different Loadouts directly from Navigation, instead of having to go back to the Arsenal. Swap your Warframe, change Mod Configs, see Warframe Abilities, and swap out your Weapons all from Navigation.

    Additionally, we have added Fast Travel options to the Gear Wheel in Maroo’s Bazaar, Hubs, and the Dormizone!

Duviri Changes and Additions

If you’re diving into the Void to tackle the Duviri Experience, there are several new additions that will affect your actions in the region. Thanks to our Design Council, there is now a new set of Decrees that might appear in your journey to battle Dominus Thrax’s terrible Spirals.

You’ll also delve into laws of alchemical science in the Undercroft with the new Alchemy mission type.

Finally, those completing Undercroft Portal side objectives will now gain Pathos Clamps. Undercroft Portals finished on standard difficulty will award 1 Pathos Clamp, while tackling the Steel Path will net you 3 Pathos Clamps.

Yareli Pandea

The wave rider flows through the tides with a brand-new look! Yareli Pandea presents a new dream of aquatic grace. The skin bundle includes the Yareli Pandea skin, a new Pandea look for her companion Merulina, the Nidoblast Kompressa Weapon Skin, the signature Rubra Sugatra, and a Domestik Drone inspired by Merulina Pandea. You can find the entire collection in the in-game Market.

TennoGen Shadows

As Jade Shadows takes you into the world of the sinister Stalker, you’ll also find an equivalent darkness in our latest TennoGen release! There are a number of new community creations including the plague doctor-inspired Lavos Yersin Skin or the organic decay of the Spicularis Mask and Oculus for your Operator. If you play Warframe on PC, you’ll find all current TennoGen content directly on Steam, while console players can find it on the in-game Market for Platinum.

Chroma Prime and Zephyr Prime Leaving Prime Resurgence

We’re nearing the end of the current Prime Resurgence! The elemental rage of Chroma Prime or the hurricane might of Zephyr Prime are still available from Varzia in Maroo’s Bazaar. You can purchase either Warframe and their signature Weapons with Regal Aya, or exchange Aya for Void Relics to earn them in-game.

Chroma Prime and Zephyr Prime will be available until July 4 at 2 p.m. ET, when Nekros Prime and Harrow Prime will take over the Prime Resurgence rotation. That means you have one more week to add the master of the elements or the airborne terror to your Arsenal!

What to Play this Week: Play as the Stalker in Belly of the Beast

Operation: Belly of the Beast continues! The combined might of your Clans has already unlocked the first stage of the evolving Aspirus Ephemera. Now it's time to continue the fight against Parvos Granum and his Jade Light Eximus to evolve it further with a verdurous new style for the entire Warframe community.

While you're at it, you can also earn personal rewards like powerful Arcanes and more! You can see a full list of the rewards right here. You have from now until July 18 at 11:30 a.m. ET—right before TennoCon 2024—to participate. If you’re looking to step behind the mask of the Stalker, select the "A Shared Purpose?" option when you speak to Ordis, which will let you join another Squad’s mission as the fearsome assassin.

Community Spotlight

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Warframe: The Sentinel - 6/25/2024 (2024)
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